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Barbara founded Patience Unlimited, in New Jersey and now is located in Tucson, Arizona to help others develop great relationships with their dogs. Barbara will ensure that having a dog in your life is one of the greatest pleasures you will ever enjoy. You and your dog will l earn the proper tools to live a life in harmony, while sharing in all the love, companionship, and fun. Barbara believes that the basis of a human and canine relationship begins with trust, creating a bond, training, and good nutrition. A clear understanding of the expectations of each member is needed, and a healthy dog is the step-off point in training. The healthy mind and body will produce a happy, healthy dog - one that can focus clearly resulting in a well-trained companion for you and your family.

Through good nutrition, clear education in training and behavior, and perseverance, you'll have a lasting, loving relationship with your dog.

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Call +1 201-924-0208 to speak with Barbara to start enjoying your relationship with your dog.